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another hit - sorta
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One of the resumes came back with a nibble today. Yay - good news, right? They sent along a personnel test aka IQ test. Is this common?! I'm vascillating between insulted and curious. I mean, I realize they know nothing about me except what a single piece of email paper says - and it is a fairly responsible position but they won't even interview me for said position if I don't score well on this test. O_o

It looks like a spatial relations/design mind kinda thing - all abstraction. Hm. I never did find out my IQ in grade school. Then again, maybe it's a stress test... today would be a bad day for that.

The never ending interviews
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So, I have been on three interviews for a single company now - at least the field is narrowed down to one position they are considering me for. I dunno - I get the feeling that if they can't make up their minds by now I might be better off moving along. So, on that note, I've submitted four other applications so far. We'll see what happens.

So, of course, the dish washer busted a hose this morning and in the attempt to shut it off, we stripped the valve handle.


Life needs a handbook. I think I'm doing it all wrong.

*sigh* back to work... maybe
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I went on an interview last week. The job was totally not what I was expecting to interview for. And I totally thought I botched it anyway - talking too much about people and things this company had in common with my last company. I avoided being rude about it but run at the mouth syndrome is unavoidable when I'm nervous. They want me for a desk job! He was concerned I wouldn't be interested because I'm used to being in the field. I think I laughed. I'm done building tables in 14 degree weather. I'm done slogging arbs in a downpour. I get to stay connected to horticulture and not need to severely abuse Aleve to the point I compromise my kidneys... I'm not seeing a downside. Well, there is one - the drive. It's an hour commute. But if the pay is there... I took some time to think it over since he caught me cold with this offer. Even though it sounded good, I wasn't willing to just jump in without letting it all sink in first. And technically, there is no offer on the table yet.

Anyway, it's been a week, and the guy called me back - I need to call him today. BUT, the HR woman from the same company emailed me and said they have a second job to consider too. O_o

It's all horticulture again and it's a hike to get there. While I'll be guaranteed one day off a week, the hours will mirror my last job in some ways. The hour commute is a pretty drive though - all through farm country. But it will suck in the winter.

So, why am I so reluctant to call these people? I should be jumping up and down - especially in this economy, right? Why can't I ever just react the way I'm supposed to?

EDIT: spoke with the Hiring Manager today and they had 3 jobs to offer! O_O One was a 'no thanks' out of the gate because it involves 3 states worth of travel. But the other two are quite intriguing. No offers on the table yet but a second interview is scheduled for next week.

It needed doing!
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Poor Angel gets no respect...

Deja vous?
Have you ever found something that you instantly LOVE and adore to the point that you wonder if it was part of a past life or something? I ADORE Korean food - I could eat kimchee at every meal and never get tired of it. I crave it. I find immense comfort in food I only discovered in my 20's and now consider it impossible to live without.  Since I was born in 1968, I've wondered if I'm just some poor reincarnated soul from the Korean War. But there are subjects I'm interested in that have this same effect - my interest in plants, and medicinal plants in particular
 almost feels second nature - like I've been there before. 
On the flip side, have you ever tried something new just for the sake of trying something new only to find out that your instincts against it were right? Not just disliking it but having an over the top reaction like it had somehow traumatized you in the past somehow? I'm not talking about those phobias we all have - I'm afraid of heights but it doesn't feel like anything other than an irrational fear of heights. I'm talking about something like swimming in the ocean for the first time and feeling like you had been eaten by a shark before... unexplainably BIG reactions. 

Or have you met someone new that just instantly sets your fight-or-flight response into overdrive for no apparent reason?

I know I'm not alone. Just curious what y'all think.

meme silliness taken from indelicateink
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  1. Go to Wikipedia and hit random. The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.
  2. Go to quotationspage.com and hit random. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.
  3. Go to flickr and click on explore the last seven days. Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
  4. Use Photoshop or similar to put it all together. Post it with this text in the caption.

Sorry - didn't bother to save the text but only because I got cheese. My band is named tilsit cheese. Why does that feel like a lame, college/garage band version of the Talking Heads only without the cool. Damn you, wikipedia - is that supposed to be funny? Yeah... I didn't THINK so...

Fun with felt
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I really did have too much fun making these buggers this holiday season. Gojyo and Schuldig - one last picture together before being gifted to opposite sides of the globe.

Double TroubleCollapse )

Addictive time waster
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I rediscovered an old favorite that just may do some good somewhere in the world.


Improve your vocabulary, learn a new word or two and help feed hungry people by putting up with the occassional ad. :)

Anyone know?
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I just recently found 4 trolls posted in older comments, all 4 are now suspended accounts. Did I miss something? Is there some sort of phishing scam or something that I've missed? I'm paranoid now because one dead puter this year is more than enough.

Anybody experience the same?

Nothing says Holidays like...
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Little bit of a project started long ago and finally finished! My little set of felt dolls - Weiss and Schwarz. So horribly, horribly cute - my reputation is ruined. They all have stealthy little hangers hiding in the parts in their hair for use as Holiday Tree Ornaments (just don't tell Farf...)

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